Your sign of the zodiac:  Cancer
Hobbies:  Cooking and Wine.  Home renovation and listening to audio books.
Favorite Movie:   Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood in “Where Eagles Dare”
Who was your celebrity crush:  Morgan Fairchild
Song you never get tired of:  “Gentle On My Mind”  John Hartford’s use of words is amazing.   Glen Campbell cut a demo with just a few players to pitch Capital Records.   The demo, with nothing added, is the hit version.
Legend that you love to spend time with:  Tom T. Hall was the first legend I met when started in radio.   He was so nice to me that I expected all country stars to be the same.   The majority have been.   (If I got an invite I’d RSVP affirmative for with dinner at Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwoods)
If you were stranded on a desert island what four artist albums would want:  I listen to everything…so if I was limited to four:  Merle Haggard, James Taylor, Antonio Vivaldi, Rogers and Hammerstein.
What car do you miss the most?   I learned to drive on 1962 Chevy pickup with three on the tree…I’d like to get one like it someday.
What are you bad at?   Exercise…I’m good at it.  I don’t do it enough.
Your pet peeve?   Losing my tools.
Your favorite treat?   My Mother’s and now my Sister-in-law’s Christmas Crispix Mix.