Blue Shirt


Your sign of the zodiac:  I have no idea  –  I was born in January
Hobbies:  Messin’ round the house
Favorite Movie:  “Patton” and any John Wayne western
Who was your celebrity crush:  The nicest one I’ve ever met, Barbara Mandrell
Song you never get tired of:  “Go Rest High On That Mountain”  Vince Gill
Legend that you love to spend time with:  Dolly Parton
If you were stranded on a desert island what four artist albums would want:  “Wanted The Outlaws”  Waylon, Willie, Tompall and Jessie, “Always and Forever” Randy Travis,  “No Fences” Garth Brooks,  “Feels So Right”  Alabama
What car do you miss the most?   I had a little Dodge Pickup with nearly 250,000 miles on it.  Wanted to get to 300,000 but I crashed into a phone pole.
What are you bad at?   Singing
Your pet peeve?  People that stop at the end of interstate entrance ramps
Your favorite treat?   Coconut Pie